my writing, photography and the occasional handicraft


Hi, I’m Jessica Minier Mabe, and this is my site. Why have a site? Oh hell, I don’t know. I guess this way I can ensure that I control, to some degree, what the world knows about me. And I can share the musings of my fevered brain, and my knitted hats.


I’m a middle-aged woman, living in Pugetopia. I have a fabulously funny and adorable son, who routinely blows my mind with his kindness, smarts and bravery. I live with my ruggedly handsome boyfriend and two wonderful step-daughters (he and I are not married, but when you’ve lived with someone for as long as we’ve been together, you get to call the kids whatever you want).  My love is a Kung Fu master, mountain climber and accountant who patiently tolerates my insanely overactive imagination and my obsession with other handsome (and always fictional) men. We also have an adorable cat, and four very spoiled mice. No, that’s not a contradiction, but some precautions have to be followed, let me tell you.

I’ve been all sorts of things: a secretary, a hack screenwriter, a novelist, a travel specialist, a small-business owner, an English teacher… I’ve even worked in a maternity shop. I ride vintage bikes, sew too many throw pillows, stay up way too late, and eat way too many avocados.

I’m also an avid photographer. For the record, it’s an Olympus Pen EP-2 micro 4/3rds camera, mostly using a Panasonic 20mm lens. I edit everything in Photoshop from RAW files, and sometimes I play around with color and such, but I don’t do any really sneaky editing. I have yet to remove anyone’s head digitally, or smooth out my wrinkles.

I hope you’ll enjoy this schizophrenic little slice of my life. It by no means encompasses who I am, and yet, it does really reflect the weirdness.

Thanks again for visiting! Tell your friends! Friday is Ladies Night!

One Response to “About”

  1. Norman Newton

    Explorando un poco te encontré, fue agradable leerte,
    ¡Que puedo decir?
    Espero tener un poco de tiempo para aventurarme en el mundo de tus fotografías.


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