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A day trip to Ocean City without my main camera…what to do? Oh yes, the iPhone!

Beautiful Beach Grass.

2013-08-21 12.13.17
Endless blue-sky vistas. The air was brilliantly clear above the ground, while shrouds of sea mist drifted in over the sand.
2013-08-21 12.13.31

2013-08-21 12.23.22
We brought Freddie, our rescue pup, with us, along with our NEW rescue pup, Tilly. Tilly is from the Humane Society, and had been neutered the day before we left, so his first couple days he was very quiet and even a bit aggressive. He was submissive and cringy with us, and snapped at Freddie constantly. His pain level just didn’t seem to diminish as he healed, so we finally took him to the vet near our vacation spot to get him some pain killers. We met a whole new dog! Tilly sans-pain has turned out to be sweet-natured, very playful and loves to dig with Freddie. He and Freddie have become best buddies. Hopefully Tilly will be pain-free in a couple days. It seems he wrenched his back under the anesthesia at the vet, but he’s recovering quickly.
2013-08-21 12.24.01
Sandy pup.
2013-08-21 13.37.24
Tilly in the grass.
2013-08-21 13.37.29
Exploring the surf.
2013-08-21 14.00.12
The beach is a great place for dogs.
2013-08-21 14.00.50
Beautiful contrasts between beach and sea and sky.
2013-08-21 14.01.34
Playing in the surf.
2013-08-21 14.03.16
More surf fun!
2013-08-21 14.03.33
I kept referring to him as “Lawrence of Arabia.” Apparently, he doesn’t like to rub sunscreen in his “hair.”
2013-08-21 14.04.32
Dr. Livingstone, I presume?
2013-08-21 14.05.40
More beautiful beach and fog.
2013-08-21 14.11.24
Walking the new pup.
2013-08-21 14.15.54
2013-08-21 14.25.06
His empty chair.
2013-08-21 14.25.52
Boy in the surf.
2013-08-21 14.32.55
Exhausted pup.
2013-08-21 15.21.45


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