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13 Responses to “Photography: On the Trail”

      • jessicaminiermabe

        Thank you, Experienced Tutors! This is my second nomination. Maybe I should just give in and accept, but I feel so bad because I’m now WAAAAY over the subscriber limit. I have another blog ( about my rides on vintage bikes, and I’ve run it for over two years, with about 4000 visitors a month, and I don’t have over 60 subscribers. I just feel bad about taking this one :(.

      • Experienced Tutors

        Do as you must. I enjoy your writings and It’s my way of saying thank you. Simply put on the mantle and dust – that’s ok.

        What do you mean by being over the subscriber limit?

        I’ll have a look at your bike blog now.

      • jessicaminiermabe

        Oh, Experienced Tutors, I’m really grateful! I just feel bad taking something that another blog might need more (god, that sounds ridiculous). Also, I don’t read many other blogs (bad admission, I know), as I work more-than-full-time, plus I have kids and such. Running two blogs is about all I can do. I wouldn’t know who to pass the award on to! I will accept, but I don’t think I can do much more than that.

        The award says the blog should have fewer than 200 followers, and I’m fast approaching 300. I feel so big! 🙂

        The bike blog has been a tad neglected the last two weeks :).

      • Experienced Tutors

        A busy lady. Don’t worry about the numbers – I didn’t. In fact, I didn’t worry about several of the rules!

        Simple put on the mantle, enjoy and dust regularly.

      • Cathy Clark

        Dear Jessica,
        I am looking for a cousin Jessica. Her mother was Sharon, her Grandmother was Ruby. Ruby’s older sister was Lillian, Lillian was my Grandmother. Please reply to my email if I have found you. Hugs, Cathy

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