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Hello, all my new followers! I sound like a religious leader…

No, but really, welcome and thank you so much for following my humble little blog. Being “freshly pressed” has been so exciting and overwhelming, and I’m trying to get to everyone’s comments over the next few days. I love it!

I have been thinking, for a while now, of creating online “classes” for my favorite books. I have been a teacher for over 12 years, and have taught many of these books dozens of times or more (sometimes multiple classes per year). I would love to share what I’ve learned with other readers on this blog.

What I’d like to know, from those of you reading Jane Eyre now, is if this would interest you? I would structure it as a serious of posts, sort of “pre-reading,” first 1/3rd of the book, second 1/3, etc., with discussions of context, themes, and other aspects of the book I think are helpful to understand it fully. I’m not big on symbolism or abstraction: I like to place the book into historical context, and talk about how the themes it covers develop throughout the story. I’m a constructionist: I want to build understanding and broaden it, not rip it apart.

If you’re interested, please let me know, and I’ll give it a try. I realize this would be a ton of work over time, so I’m thinking that when I’m done with each book, I’ll assemble all the info into a Kindle file and if folks would like to support me, I’ll make it downloadable for $.99, so you can take the exploration with you anywhere. And we could do discussions in the comments. Thoughts?

Thanks again!



11 Responses to “Writing: Jane Eyre class?”

  1. Ms. B

    I found your blog via Freshly Pressed! I’m finishing my MA in Literature but have never studied this book so I would love to have an informal “class” on it. Also I’ve read/loved “Wide Sargasso Sea” so it would be interesting to address that in the lesson (unless you hate it, of course, ha!).

    • jessicaminiermabe

      Thanks, Ms. B! I’ve decided to do it, as soon as this whole Freshly Pressed thing calms down a bit! I haven’t read WSS since college. I’d have to reread and see!

  2. Yara G. Mansour

    Sounds interesting. I haven’t read Jane Eyre in ages, but after reading your post, I’m going to go back and read it again. I would definitely be interested in this project

    • jessicaminiermabe

      Great, Yara! I have had enough likes on this post to make me think it would be worth it. To be clear: it would be free to view here, and I’d just throw up a Kindle file when I was done for folks if they wanted a portable version, or if they wanted to donate. I’ll start on it next week!

      • Yara G. Mansour

        Cool, I look forward to it. I already started reading Jane Eyre again, just to refresh my memory 🙂

  3. Alynia

    I certainly am interested.
    As I said in my comment on your freshly pressed post, I learned to love Jane Eyre. So I think it would be great to learn more about the novel, even after reading it several times since then.

  4. Chatte Nocturne

    I would so much like to be in! I read Jane Eyre for the first time about a year ago and then soaked in on as many film versions as I could, and I didn’t love them but most of the times I couldn’t pinpoint what it was about them that I didn’t like. Also, I’m not a native English speaker so I’m sure I missed a lot. I read you have decided on doing it and I’m thrilled, thanks!


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