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So when I made my son a homemade bunny a few weeks ago, I embroidered the bunny’s wee face. It was fun. I wanted to do some more embroidery, but I didn’t really have a project. The stuff I found on the web was so… fey and/or cutesy. I didn’t want to make adorable little pioneer girls in bonnets, nor did I want to create fantasy landscapes with swans. In fact, I didn’t really want to go the pictorial road at all.

Instead, I decided to do something that was just a “doodle,” but on fabric, not paper. I have a particular way of doodling that can fill whole sheets during meetings or long lectures. If I’m restless, doodling can actually help me focus. If I’m bored, it keeps me from being restless.

The only material I had on hand was a bit of off-white cotton. I had lots of embroidery thread, and made the editorial decision to make my doodle in china blue, as I had two skeins of it and it matched my blue dining room cupboard.

Fished out my old hoop, and was off and running. Finished it at last today. I decided to “frame” it in a cheap bamboo hoop, painted silver. It will probably be part of a triptych, because it was fun to do and three is better than one.

The finished Thread Doodle front:


Hangin’ on the Wall, next to my mama’s crewel worked and cross stitched samplers:


In progress:

Next up… a new one in dark blue, or white. I have the materials for both.


2 Responses to “Embroidery: Thread Doodle”

  1. opusanglicanum

    its interesting. I think I’d be more inclined to do three the same colour and try to do the other two with a focal point to offset this one, but i can see why you’d want to play wiht other colours – monochrome is satisfying to look at but it can get very dull to do

    • jessicaminiermabe

      Actually, I’ve ended up doing something very different for the second one, almost as you suggest. I started with white-on-white, but quickly pulled it out and started over, as I discovered that I just couldn’t see the stitches well enough to be accurate. This seems screamingly obvious now. Then I got out my dark blue thread, and started something that became somewhat figurative, like an abstract tree shape. “That looks like a tree,” my son said, so now it seems to be moving in that direction, all stemming out from a single main point. Very different. But that’s the fun! I’m going to get some grey cotton to do the white on, which will make it more interesting too.


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