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Though the snow and my recent car accident have curtailed my ability to get out and actually mail gifts (Camille’s scarf is in a neatly addressed envelope in my car, still, with the Christmas card tucked inside), I have technically finished this scarf.

D requested something either orange or purple, or just really, really colorful. I decided that this would be a perfect time to go check out my local yarn shop, which is actually less than a mile and a half down the hill from my house. I was unimpressed, generally, by their tiny selection of mid-price yarns.

I did like the one skein of orange/pink/black colored Noro yarn they had left, and as it was on clearance, and they assured me I could knit up a scarf with the single ball, it seemed like a good deal. Also, D is Japanese in ancestry, so that was an added silly-cool twist.

I wasn’t at all sure about all the pink in this colorway, but I texted her a photo of the yarn and she approved, so I was off and knitting.

Noro’s Taiyo is a soft, but not super-soft mix of cotton, silk, wool and nylon. It’s slightly shiny and has a thick/thin uneven texture. The only real surprise was the odd order of the colors: there seemed to be strange repeats halfway through the ball. When I got to that point, I discovered that this was because there was a knot, and a new section of yarn had been attached. It seems odd they wouldn’t start the new section where the old one left off, or at least at the beginning, but in the end, the scarf is pretty enough that it probably doesn’t matter. There is a lot of pink, though, as a result.

In retrospect, I shouldn’t have ribbed this scarf. I would have gotten a lot more yardage from the single skein in a flat knit. That said, I love ribbed scarves. The smooshiness is wonderful. The scarf isn’t too short; it’s just shorter than I would have preferred. If I could have gotten another ball in this colorway, it would have been way too much yarn, so I don’t know… I think it’s fine as it is.

Overall, I really like this scarf. Were I to do it again, I’d get three balls and knit two scarves, which would be the perfect amount of yarn for each.

Now I just have to get to the post office, once the snow melts.


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