So I’m done. Two days after receiving my Mary Flanagan Felted Wool bundles, I’ve made them into something. Of course, it’s another pillow. What the heck else was I going to do with twenty small pieces of felt?

First, I cut out 3″ squares from the pieces and stitched them together in a sort-of graduated pattern. It was the fastest sewing project I’ve ever done. No hemming. No ironing of little hems to keep them flat. I wasn’t even terribly precise about the whole thing.

Once they were all together, I sewed on the stray piece of orange wool I’d purchased back when making my other pillow tops, added a brown zipper (camouflaged!) and shoved in an old pillow form from a now-defunct quilted pillow top I made ten years ago. Voila.

I like this pillow, but I don’t love it. It’s got a 70’s rec-room vibe I didn’t expect (like those leather-patched purses). I have enough wool left over for a smaller second pillow, should I ever so desire, but I’ll probably just use it to make flowers or something. Live and learn…