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Just squeaked in there tonight at midnight!

A couple of shots of it on me, and I’ll get a few of it on the recipient tomorrow. Don’t worry, he won’t read this in the next 12 hours. He never reads it! I’m safe!

From a pattern called “Jacques Cousteau Hat,” knitted in DK-weight Rowan “Wool Cotton,” color: misty. I actually did the decreases incorrectly, breaking the ribbing to do each decrease with knitted stitches, but that resulted in the dramatic “starfish” ridge you see here instead of a more subtle swirl, so I don’t mind. The pattern didn’t make it clear, and it wasn’t until I’d finished it and glanced down the comments that I saw a clarification. Oh well… it turned out perfectly. It’s a bit too big for me, so it should fit a man-sized head. This should also cut down on the slight pointed-ness of the top, which doesn’t stretch down over my head the way it will on a larger noggin. The brim can be rolled down to cover the ears, which is a nice bonus.

The wool is leftover from a sweater project I started, then abandoned when I was unable (as usual) to get the gauge right. I have many more balls of it, and this yarn is so soft, I could actually wear it! So another hat may be forthcoming in a smaller size, at some point. The yarn is half merino wool, and half cotton. It’s stretchy like wool, and soft like cotton. Nice stuff (better be, at $11 a ball!). The hat took just under two balls of it. I have about 10 balls left, so some of you should be anticipating hats in your eventual futures…

The hat is now wrapped and perched under the tree. Santa’s done, and off to bed!


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