So, I was out riding my bike yesterday (which you will soon be able to read all about on rideblog, but not yet. Go there anyway: I’ve ridden my bike on other occasions) on the Sammamish River Trail.

The local office park had been yarn bombed!

See Wikipedia, if you are unfamiliar with this form of “guerrilla knitting.” I’m not sure if this one was done by a lady named Suzanne Tidwell, or no, but it resembles the yarn bombing of Occidental Park in Seattle this summer (that one was done through the Parks Dept, so it’s not all that “guerrilla”-ish, is it?).

I have long wished to come in close contact with some serious yarn bombing, and here was my opportunity. It was very impressive.

I like the hole below for the mossy knot to poke out of:

And the crazy branching cover on this tree made my day:

I have no idea how long the yarn will be up, but I can think of few things more happiness-inducing for me than seeing a good yarn bomb in person. Now THIS is art!