Two winters ago, I became very excited by the idea of knitting a flower pin to put on my new blue wool coat. A quick search of the internet turned up a pattern. Though the original used thin one-strand alpaca, I used left over rather thick sock yarn. This made my petals rather floppy, rather than curly.

Still, I liked them. I added a brown circle made of thick wool felt to the center to cover the join of the petals, attaching it with pink perle cotton stitches. In the center is an old pink button.

For the back, I covered the join in another brown felt circle, and sewed on a large safety pin using the same pink perle cotton.

This circle is more securely attached, to help keep the petals from flopping too much.

I love the final result, and get many compliments on it. It was a quick, easy project that took less than two evenings to finish.