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So last year, after staying at her house with my son for a week, I decided to knit my friend Camille a scarf. She is a frequent recipient of my homemade gifts, from the “bridal cow” doll I made her once for no real reason at all, to an embroidered pillow covered in buttons that read: “I’m a big button head” to mittens knit to look like dinosaurs. She has graciously received them all (never mind her wedding quilt, but that’s another story for another blog post).

If she’s reading this, she’s wondering about that scarf. She’s thinking… did I ever receive this gift? Did I lose it? Is it in a closet somewhere and I just forgot about it?

Uh no. Because I just discovered that I never sent it.

I made it from two GORGEOUS yarns: one is a variegated, self-striping lofty wool, and the other is a solid silk-wool mix. They were so pretty together that it was a pleasure to knit the piece, when I’m not normally a scarf fanatic. I striped the wools at random and just knit until I’d run out of the yarn. I used a narrow rib to make the scarf cozy and stretchy.

So why not just keep it, you ask? Well, I’m allergic to wool. Despite the fact that these yarns are super soft to the touch, I can’t wear them.

So this year, I’m determined to send them off to their intended recipient. As soon I buy an envelope and go to the Post Office! (I think I recognize the problem here…)

My other best friend is wondering why she has not been the recipient of so much hand-made bounty. I tried to make her an afghan once, out of brown fuzzy yarn, but as she knows, I got an inch from the end and dropped an unfindable stitch! Gave up in disgust.

Guess she’s next on the list. D, what are you favorite colors? How would you feel about a bridal cow?


4 Responses to “Knitting: Gift Scarf!”

  1. Bay Area BFF

    A bridal what? MOOOOOOO. I love scarves too, you know. H doesn’t think it’s even remotely cold enough here to wear ’em, but it doesn’t stop me. As much as I covet the long-awaited afghan, I’ve discovered that Little Miss Furry Breakfast Food likes to grab afghans off the couch and chairs and drag them around the house. Of course. And ORANGE. ORANGE! Oh, that’ll drive the other half batty! 😀


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