So, since I’m creating this site to have everything I’ve, like, EVER done in my Entire Life (no), I thought I’d throw some previous craftiness up on here.

Many years ago, before my son was born, I decided to set off on a spiritual quest to find the religion/philosophical system that fit me best. I’d never really been happy with traditional Christianity, and I’d read all about Judaism with an eye on conversion in college, but I hadn’t settled on something right for me. Then I discovered Buddhism. I was just sure I was a Buddhist.

I liked the Four Noble Truths, and figured they were probably pretty true, in my limited experience. But what I really liked about Buddhism was the Eightfold Path, which is basically the set of guidelines one should follow in order to achieve Nirvana and fully understand those Truths.

I like rules. Guess what my favorite book of the Bible is? Not Psalms… Leviticus! “Don’t eat pelicans.” Okay! “If your house is unclean, burn it down.” Okay!

So of the Eight rules, I had a favorite one: Right Intent. Right Intent essentially states: look, if you want good results, you have to start with good intentions. Conversely, poor intentions will bring poor results. Too true, my Buddha brother. Too true. Reading and understanding this idea (and applying it to, say, the war in Iraq), I felt I had gained some wisdom.

Pshah. Around this time, a very nice lady I knew through the internet made me a quilt for my king-sized bed… for free. Well, I mean, I bought the fabric and stuff. But all her labor was free. She told me she could make any pattern I wanted, so I picked a hard one: Log Cabin Star. She worked and worked at it, and emailed me to tell me that it was really difficult, but that she’d done it. The quilt was mailed to me. I opened it up… and was surprised. The star points didn’t match up! The pattern wasn’t as pretty as it should be (though remember that I’d picked the fabric)! There were wrinkles sewed into the binding! And she didn’t even quilt it… it was TIED. Quel horreur!

Instead of being, you know, Grateful that this woman I didn’t even really know had made me a giant quilt for cost, I was… frankly, bitchy. I groused. I whined. And when another friend announced she was pregnant, I decided I was going to make her a baby quilt… using the same Log Cabin Star pattern, but without any of the errors. Because I, unlike my quilting friend, was perfect.

You can see where this is going, can’t you?

Here’s the finished baby quilt from above:

Okay, so first off, the colors are great. I love them. They’re bright and the contrast is nice.

The fabric was cheap though, so they’re already fading. Perhaps I should have purchased nicer fabric…

And look more closely…

Boy, that star point sure looks off, doesn’t it? Despite the fact that everything was cut with a rotary cutter, and pieced using my sewing machine, nothing matched up. How frustrating!

By the time I got ready to quilt it, I had zero investment in the process. So much work, and nothing lined up correctly.

So I tied it.

Finally, I had to sew on the binding. It was when I sewed in my second wrinkle that I realized something…

I had gone into this quilt with some hellaciously poor intentions… and gotten commensurate results.

In the end, I didn’t become a Buddhist. I sent my friend who was having the baby a nice gift certificate. And I kept my Right Intentions Quilt, just as a reminder.