Yes, folks, it’s that time of the year again… when Pillows must be Made by Hand!

The living room needed blue throw pillows. I could have paid $30 a piece at Cost Plus, but why, when making them myself for the same amount or more is so much fun!

Pillow #1:

  • Plain cotton front ($3.75 fat quarter from the quilt shop)
  • Fancy brown wool herringbone tweed back no one will ever see ($8.00 fat quarter from the quilt shop)
  • “Hidden” zipper ($2 from the craft store)
  • Old pillow form I had laying around from god-knows what other project (free, sort of)

Note to Self: The “Vintage” 50’s tweed fabric on that chair is getting threadbare. Next project… replace it and the vintage foam in the cushions! This ain’t Antiques Roadshow.

Pillow #2:

  • Plain cotton front ($3.75 fat quarter from the quilt shop)
  • Plain white cotton back (free, sort of, as I have tons of this stuff left over from some project or other I never finished)
  • Fancy chocolate rickrack ($4.00 from the quilt shop)
  • Blue decorative thread (free, sort of)
  • “Hidden” zipper ($2 from the craft store)
  • Pillow form ($10 from the craft store)
  • Extra stuffing to make pillow form actually feel like a pillow (free, sort of. What the heck was I going to stuff with THREE BAGS of stuffing?)

I have a nice square of orange wool I bought randomly to make a third pillow, but I don’t know yet what’s going to happen with it. I have an old throw pillow whose green cover is getting tatty, so it can be the sacrificial pillow form. I’m thinking soft blue-grey silk to match the blues I’m already using, and perhaps some pretty ribbon or other stuff to decorate the orange wool… Pillows! Swoon…